June 2015

Are you claiming depreciation on your investment property?

By |2018-03-12T19:34:15+09:30June 24th, 2015|Adelaide Real Estate, Investment Properties|

As a property investor, chances are you have already engaged the services of an accountant. But have you got a good property surveyor? According to BMT Tax Depreciation chief executive Bradley Beer, about 70-80% of landlords aren't making full use of depreciation in their tax calculations. This means as a property investor, you could be leaving thousands of dollars in the ATO's pockets that is rightfully yours. Just as your car or household items depreciate over time, so does your investment property. It makes sense to only pay tax on the true value of your investment. What can I claim depreciation [...]

Your tenant is your best asset

By |2018-03-12T19:38:27+09:30June 9th, 2015|Adelaide Real Estate, Investment Properties|

When thinking about investment properties, we tend to think of the investment as the house itself - the bricks, mortar and land. But in reality, unless you have the right tenant in your property, it is a liability, not an asset! Finding the right tenant - and keeping them there - is the only way to ensure you see a return on your investment, and keeping a good tenant happy is one of the best investments a landlord can make. Below are some suggestions to help you hold onto great tenants: Think of the tenant as an asset Some property [...]

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