Contract Blank Creation

Video Tutorial – Contract Blank Creation – Essential Services

Step by Step – Contract Blank Creation – Sales Partner

The trigger for the Workflow:

  • Once the RSAA and CT document is ready
  • “PropertyID_RSAA & PropertyID_CT”
  • Once Property has been Uploaded from offline to online listed

REI Forms Live:

  • Create a New Form from Template on REI Forms
  • Go to REI Forms
  • Click on Templates View
  • Select “Contract” if it is Private Sale or “Contract – Auction” if it is for Auction
  • Once Selected, Click “+Create Form”
  • Name the Form as “PropertyID_Contract_Blank”
  • Change the Agent as the Primary Agent of the Sale Property
  • Click Save

Form Sections

Section 1 (Vendors Information)

  • Vendor 1 – Primary Contact Person from the RSAA Vendor 1
  • Vendor 2 – Secondary Contact Person from the RSAA *if applicable
  • Vendor Primary Contact Address – Vendor Primary Contact Address from the RSAA

Section 4 (Property Information)

  • Property Address – Same as RSAA Property Information on Section 3
  • Certificate of Title, Volume – Can be found on the CT Document’s “Certificate of Title – Volume | Folio” on Top
  • Property Description / Plan No – Can be found on the CT Document’s Description of Land
  • Area Name | Hundred of – Can be found on the CT Document’s Description of Land
  • Check N/A if it is not a Strata/Community Plan

Section 5 (GST)

  • Refer to RSAA Document Section 14’s | “The Vendor is or is required to be registered for GST” if it is “No” then Check “No” for both:
  • Is the Vendor liable for GST on the Property?  – No
  • Is the Agreement concerning the sale of new residential premises or potential residential land as defined in the GST Law? – No

Section 6 (Purchase Price)

  • Put “-“ on the GST

Section 7 (Deposit Payable)

  • Always check the second checkbox

Section 8 (Settlement Date)

  • Always check the first box

Section 9 (Included Chattels)

  • Refer to RSAA’s Section 11 – Check the Relevant Information

Section 10 (Excluded Chattels)

  • Refer to RSAA’s Section 12 – Check the Relevant Information

Section 11 (Rights)

  • Refer to CT Document’s Easements, Encumbrances, Right of Way, and Party Wall Right – Declare them on the Field
  • *Check None Known if there aren’t any of the mentioned above and type “NIL” on the Field

Section 12 (Tenancies)

  • Refer to RSAA’s Section 13 (If Yes, Proceed with the instructions below. If No, Check No and Proceed to the next one)
  • Fill out the Managing Agent, Tenant Name, Term, Dates, Rent Info, and Bonds.
  • For the Following, Refer to Section 15 of the RSAA Document

Section 13 (Notices and Orders)

  • Refer to Section 15 – Notices, orders, or charges received but not yet complied with
  • Section 14 (Known Breaches of Strata Title Act 1988/Community Titles Act 1996)
  • If the Property is Strata/Community Title, cross-out the correct title Act
  • If the Property is none of the mentioned above, just check “Not Applicable”

Section 15 (Alterations, Repairs, and Improvements Erected Without Consent)

  • Refer to Section 15 – Building works done without necessary consents and approvals

Section 16 (Known Encroachments and Fences Not on Boundaries)

  • Refer to Section 15 – Encroachments or fences not on their true boundaries

Section 17 (Compliance with Pool Safety Requirements)

  • If the Property has a Pool, Refer to Section 15 – “Non-compliance with swimming pool safety requirements as outlined in the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 or associated legislation or relevant standards.” and select the correct Compliance Act
  • If the property doesn’t have a pool, just check, Not Applicable

Section 18 (Works to be Carried Out by Vendor)

  • Refer to Section 15 – Other details relevant to the Property and Check the Section 15 Field for any information

Workflow Diagram – Contract Blank Preparation

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