Sales Partner Business Plan

A Partnership Model

This webbook has been created to give you an insight into the Lands partnership model that is required between a dedicated Sales Partner and Lands Real Estate.

  • Commitment & Decisions
  • Confirming the End Game
  • Essential Services
  • Tools and Tasks (Agency and Sales Partner)
  • Rules of Relationship
  • Remuneration
  • The Benefits of a Partnership Model
  • Training & Systems
  • Where to from here?

Commitments & Decisions

Once you have decided that being a real estate salesperson is your chosen career you need a clear plan to succeed.

You will need to be dedicated to following this plan and have the discipline to stick to the steps within this researched model.

Belief, precision and commitment is required. Shortcuts that soften the steps and actions will compromise your plan.

No one thing happens in isolation, every action affecting all parts of a business model.

Confirming the End Game

Performing at an elite level over a sustained period of time requires commitment and grit.

This plan is designed to provide a clear path for you to succeed as a high-level professional salesperson in the Real Estate industry.

Success at the highest level requires teamwork and consistency. This plan is designed to flatten the peaks and troughs that most real estate salespeople experience.

If you are committed to long term success and you genuinely mean it, promise to commit to the plan then read on.

Essential Services

When we work in partnership we need to confirm each other’s key actions and commitments. This gives us both clear expectations of our responsibilities to establish the most productive business model.

The next three lists are what we are proposing will best suit your needs.

Tools & Tasks

Lands agrees to provide the following tools:

  1. An agency website that will hold all property and area information that feeds to all major portals as an essential web presence to your marketing and prospecting system.
  2. Company access to and for all listings and notifications.
  3. A custom designed and branded Pitch Book and Post appraisal email trail. With your own profile and visuals ready to present.
  4. A custom designed CMA/Suburb Report email campaign sent out every 6 months on your behalf to your core area data stored within LockedOn.
  5. Custom designed DL flyers printed on two occasions in the year for your core area.
  6. Custom designed Just Listed/Just Sold DL cards for every listing for use in your street campaigns.
  7. Access to our library of prospecting letters and templates.
  8. Business cards
  9. You will have access to our Lands System, this includes
    1. LockedOn (CRM) with vendor portal access
    2. Airtable (Workflow management)
    3. REI Forms Online
    4. Homepass
    5. DocuSign
    6. Pricefinder
    7. G suite
    8. Virtual Tour Creator

Lands agrees to provide the following Tasks

  1. Provide scheduled tasks referred to DNA’s for you to use to nurture your data.
  2. Send 6 monthly CMA email campaigns on your behalf.
  3. Provide Campaign Management Support (Onshore and Offshore Support)
    1. Book photos and floorplans
    2. Arrange copywriting as supplied by agents selling points
    3. Chase photos for marketing deadlines
    4. Upload and launch all listings live to the internet
    5. Order signboard and brochures
  4. Provide Administrative Support (Onshore and Offshore)
    1. Chase contracts
    2. Order Form 1 Documents
    3. Create digital files and management of file systems
    4. Issue all trust receipts promptly
    5. Assist in chasing upfront VPA
    6. Send Sales Advices to nominated conveyancers, vendors and purchasers
    7. Update database at settlement
    8. Perform all trust accounting and reconciliation process for legislative requirements

Essential Tasks by Sales Partner

  1. Work with all DNA plans and maintain no outstanding tasks.
  2. Update database with quality notes and contact details from completing daily call sessions.
  3. Door knock your service area daily
  4. Cold call your service area daily
  5. Achieve all Effort Based and Performance Based KPIs
  6. Log all prospecting efforts in the Airtable for reporting purposes.
  7. Write Thank You cards and mail to clients from connective call sessions
  8. Complete all date related scheduled tasks and follow up next action calls.
  9. Deliver and arrange pre-listing kits.
  10. Conduct and perform the company listing presentation and appraisals.
  11. Enter all new listing details into both Airtable and LockedOn.
  12. On active stock complete:
    1. Attend photo shoot and write the key selling points
    2. Arrange vendor to proof and sign off on all marketing
    3. Perform all buyer and Open Inspections
    4. Call every buyer back and chase to secure new seller data. Zero buyer data leakage
    5. Update inspection notes in LockedOn
    6. Call vendors after every inspection and a minimum of three times per week.
    7. Conduct all negotiations in accordance with company policies and scripts
    8. Secure all offers in the form of a Residential Contract
  13. Deliver all Vendor and Purchaser Gifts
  14. A solid commitment to continuous improvement through training and professional development.

Rules of Relationship

Sales Partners must be actively communicating in their Business Development Area (BDA) and ensuring their KPl’s are met and also set around market share.

To do so they must research their defined BDA, making sure that it has a sufficient number of homes to cater for an appropriate number of transactions to support that agent.

Potential Lands listing enquiries will be directed to the agent based upon their nominated BDA. If there is no active Sales Partner in a BDA then 20% will be retained by the company for company provided listings.

If another agent is fortunate enough to perform a listing or sale inside another agent’s BDA the nominated agent of that specific BDA will be able to conduct all Just Listed and Just Sold marketing.

All purchasers are open to the entire market place and all agents’ listings. The sales commission is payable to the agent who listed the property.

Property Management Referral – 1 weeks rent

A property management lead generation fee will be paid to all agents for newly listed and leased property managements to the agency. The future listing of this property is also retained by the referring agent.

Finance Referral – 50% of the commission

A settled finance referral to our referral partner will result in the Sales Partner being paid 50% of the commission on the month after payment to Lands from the referral partner.

We welcome all agents’ contributions to the ongoing recruitment process of new partners. A recurring fee of 2% is paid to the nominating agent for the career span of the new partner.


Deductible Fees Prior to Administration of Sales Partner Split

GST – 10%

Agency Fee – 4%

Administration Fee – $399 (this is only deducted if the Sales Partner has not secured an Admin Fee in the Agency Agreement)

Debit/Credit Sales Partner

$0 – $200,000 NET Written Commission

40% Split to Sales Partner

60% Split to Agency

$200,001 and above

50% Split to Sales Partner

50% Split to Agency

Commission Only Sales Partner

$0 – $200,000 NET Written Commission

45% Split to Sales Partner

55% Split to Agency

$200,001 and above

50% Split to Sales Partner

50% Split to Agency

Where to From Here?

As a potential partner to our agency we ask that you complete the following 10-point plan of action allowing us to sign off on this partnership agreement and make our many conversations a reality.

10 Point Plan

  1. Make the end game decision that you want to focus all your energy into being an elite salesperson that works in harmony with a quality agency.
  2. Go through this partnership agreement with your family, partner and accountant and be certain that this is the best course of action for you. This is not a negotiable package, simply the stated partnership terms.
  3. Obtain a copy of the Lands listing presentation, audio can be supplied and a One on One can be arranged to run through the presentation. Internalise the presentation and concepts, make them your own.
  4. Make an appointment with Mark to perform the presentation in a role-play for sign off and coaching around the brand message and concept.
  5. Gather all the data that you have from Outlook, friends and family and fill into the excel spreadsheet provided. This will be imported into LockedOn on your behalf. Please note we expect 100% compliance with any pre existing employment agreements.
  6. Work with Lands to have new photos taken for your personal marketing material.
  7. Work through the LockedOn V2 Youtube channel and Lands Air Table Sales Web Book to familiarise yourself with our systems. Both platforms can be used completely on the road on an iPad as well as at the desktop.
  8. Make an appointment with Mark to conduct a day of phone calls and learn our DNA plans and workflows. This day should give you full confidence in the partnership established and systems we have built.
  9. Set a marketing press release date for launch into your new BDA.
  10. Ensure all employment agreements are finalised and in place.


I trust this plan meets all of your expectations and provides the business guidance required for you to connect your real estate vision with ours.

I wish you every success in the execution of this plan and look forward to seeing you reach all your business and personal goals.

Warm Regards
Mark Lands